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You can exercise daily!

Most people believe that they need to hold a gym membership to exercise on a regular basis. The fact of the matter is that, you don't!

The simplest and most effective source of exercising is walking. I'm not talking about a 5k, just a simple walk around the block will get you started.

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A special thanks to my sponsors!

The dust has barely settled, the tires finally idle after over 600 participants made the incredible journey from Miami to Key West.

The journey started on Thursday with orientation, a display of portions of the AIDS quilt, a walking timeline as a recognition of milestones in the thirty year battle to conquer and curtail the spread of HIV/AIDS, and finally a candlelight vigil and opening ceremonies.

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Women of Power

"Even seemingly bad things can often be a good thing in disguise," Wojciechowicz said. "I never thought I would be standing in front of a group of women talking about the adversities in my life and that the obstacles I went through could help someone else."

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If I could do it, anyone can!

It took a while to get the process started but once I began, nothing could stop me!

With a clear head, healthier food choices and a lot of will power, the pounds started coming off and I have been successful in keeping them off.

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  • Get up and move..

    If you can commit 30 minutes a day, you can change your life!

  • The Smart Ride 2011

    Over $675,724 raised for 6 AIDS direct service organizations in Florida November 22, 2011–Key West, Florida.

  • Women of Power!

    This award recognizes community women who have overcome significant obstacles to achieve success both personally and professionally.

  • Being Overweight!

    The will to change has nothing to do with magic, the real transformation really begins in your mind......

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